Applications for rail vehicles

Fire protection developed for practically every application

Rail transportation offers many different application areas for fire protection solutions. Many different models and types of trains entail a wide range of special features, properties and specific requirements. Furthermore, the comprehensive fire risks posed by electrical systems, control cabinets and machine rooms housing electric and diesel motors should not be underestimated. The issue of vandalism is also of major importance. The passenger area, the driver's cabin in the locomotive, the WC installations and utility area deserve special attention as do all under-floor areas. Solutions which harness combinations of the most diverse types of fire detection and extinguishing using extinguishing gas, water mist or aerosols are employed to meet these requirements – and are planned individually based on the specific application in question.

All areas are efficiently covered and protected by WAGNER fire protection solutions. This applies to the following types of rolling stock:

  • High-speed trains (HST)
  • Regional trains (DMU, EMU)
  • Locomotives
  • Metro
  • People mover systems and cable railways
  • Light rail
  • Sleeping cars
  • Rack- and pinion railways
  • and others