Early and reliable fire detection
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Fire detection in rail traffic

Reliable and sufficiently fast fire detection is important in rail transport for two reasons: firstly, personal safety and therefore rapid alerting in the event of an emergency are paramount, and secondly, the damage caused to the trains themselves should be kept to a minimum.

In the early phase of a fire, the so-called pyrolysis phase, i.e. before open flames develop, even the smallest amounts of smoke particles are detected by an automatic smoke detector. Monitoring for smoke as a fire parameter in the protected areas is ensured by a wide selection of automatic detectors. These can be air sampling smoke detectors, optical point detectors or multi-sensor fire detectors.

For technical areas where smoke detection is unsuitable due to the ambient conditions, the temperature parameter is also available as an alarm criterion; possible detector types here are: linear or point-type heat detectors. 

These fire detectors can be integrated into the ring bus in combination with a fire alarm control panel or used as a stand-alone solution.

Especially when used in the passenger areas of trains, the selected detectors must have a high level of protection against false alarms so that an alarm is not triggered by cigarette smoke, for example. The detection technology should also be particularly protected against vandalism.