Rail fire alarm system

All fire detectors and other elements are connected to the fire alarm panel via a loop wiring system. This also guarantees that if the circuit is broken in one place, all the equipment will still be connected to the control panel and none of it will fail. WAGNER Rail offers its customers different fire alarm panels according to the safety requirements. Thanks to the integrated Ethernet connection, the control panels can be connected to the train bus interfaces. IA fire alarm control panel handles all fire safety related messages and controls such as raising an alarm, triggering an extinguishing process or even such functions as controlling the selective deactivation of the air-conditioning system or closing of the fire safety doors.

Rail 138 fire detection and alarm system

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With a well thought-out selection of enclosures, modules, couplers and detectors, the modular WAGNER Rail 138 fire alarm system flexibly adapts to any application. The fire alarm control system (FAS) has sufficient interfaces for integrating a wide variety of participants.

Rail 256 Fire detection and alarm system

The right solution for increased security requirements

Together with its cooperation partner Diehl, WAGNER has developed a fire protection system for heightened safety requirements. System components from Diehl can be optimally combined with those from WAGNER Rail via specially developed I/O modules. This can be used to create system solutions with SIL 1 or SIL 2 certification. The smoke detectors in such as system are equipped with relay contacts, which allows devices such as linear heat detectors or alarm elements to be connected directly to them.

Components of the fire alarm system

    • Fire alarm control panel
    • Air sampling smoke detectors
  • Linear heat detectors
  • Optical smoke detectors
  • Heat detectors
  • Multi-criteria detectors
  • Coupling devices (input and output modules) for forwarding signals and activating control processes
  • Alerting device

WAGNER Rail designs the systems from these and other components in accordance with national and international specifications, as well as the individual operating conditions and specifications of the operator. In this way, vehicles receive fire protection solutions that are future-proof, reliable and economical and take into account the individual operating conditions of the operator in the best possible way.

  • Independence
    Recording and further processing of messages from independent systems
  • Networking
    Transmission of messages to higher-level train systems
  • Reliability
    Early evacuation of persons through appropriate alarm organisation
  • Signal memory
    Hazard and fault signals can be called up at any time in the event memory
  • Operational reliability
    High operational reliability thanks to implemented automatic evaluation/diagnostic logic for self-monitoring of the individual components
  • Maintenance
    Detection of contamination of the detectors enables targeted control of maintenance
  • Safety
    Reliable detection through parameterisation of the detectors with individual adaptation to the requirements


Components of the fire alarm system are used in the following areas, among others:

  • Driver stands
  • Engine rooms
  • In passenger areas
  • In staff areas
  • (Electrical distribution) boards/cabinets
  • In air intake, exhaust and recirculation systems
  • In areas prone to fire
  • Air supply and exhaust ducts of air conditioning systems
  • Undercarriage areas