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Smoke switch

Effectively protected with the multisensor switch

New in use at WAGNER Rail is the multisensor switch. It is used for the selective monitoring of individual objects such as switch cabinets, containers, WC and wet rooms or general passenger areas and the driver's cab. What is special about the multisensor is that it can use two detection principles for fire detection depending on the situation. Like any optical smoke switch, the multisensor detects smoke particles at an early stage thanks to the scattered light principle. In addition, it reacts to temperature: if it goes up, the sensitivity of the smoke detection is increased. If the temperature rises by more than 20 Kelvin within five minutes, an alarm is automatically triggered.
Special algorithms also ensure that sensor signals are verified and deceptive signals filtered out in the multisensor switch. The sensor system is also monitored for contamination and compensated within a bandwidth.

The optical smoke switch

The optical thermal multi-sensor switch

Functional principle

The monitoring of the fire parameters smoke and temperature is carried out according to the optical scattered light principle and thermal differential circuits with temperature difference and maximum evaluation. Alarms and fault messages are then forwarded to potential-free contacts. Contamination can also be forwarded if the fire detectors are connected to a fire alarm system.


Selective monitoring of individual objects, such as

  • Control cabinets
  • Containers
  • WC and bathroom units
  • Passenger areas
  • Driver's cabins