Early and reliable fire detection
Intelligent systems ensure a safe journey
Water mist to protect passengers
Fine, small drops with a big effect
Fast and efficient gas extinguishing
Automatic extinguishing systems for maximum safety

Fire extinguishing in rail traffic

More and more operators are calling for the installation of automatic extinguishing systems to protect passengers and investments. The aim is to extinguish a fire in its development. These systems are becoming increasingly important in long and short haul rail travel as well as underground train networks.

Autonomous extinguishing systems

Stand-alone extinguishing systems are not activated via a fire detection and alarm panel, but are a combination of an extinguishing system with an autonomous detection unit which activates the extinguishing system in the event of a fire. As a general rule, they employ heat detectors which trigger an extinguishing system directly once a predefined temperature is reached. These systems are equipped with monitoring (changeover) contacts, which can then be used to transmit the activation of this type of system to a detection and alarm panel or to the train bus.

The advantage: Stand-alone systems do not require any additional detection or power supply, and are ideal for small technical areas.