Aerosol fire extinguishing

Firefighting in technical containers

Aerosol systems are ideal for use in technical containers and power packs. These extinguishing systems release fine aerosols when activated, which can then safely fight a fire in the enclosed area. Aerosol systems are used in areas where gas extinguishing systems with cylinders are too complex to accommodate or where openings in the protected areas cannot guarantee sufficient tightness for gas extinguishing.

The extinguishing effect of the aerosol system is based on the interaction of the flames with the aerosol and the subsequent interruption of the reaction chain. A defined quantity of extinguishing agent is stored in a cartridge, which is activated electrically in the event of a fire alarm or initiates the extinguishing process at approx. 300 degrees by self-activation. The controlled burning of the extinguishing agent in the generator creates aerosols that flow out into the protected area. At the same time, the flooding of the extinguishing area is practically pressureless, so that no special pressure relief measures are required.