Gas extinguishing systems

Automatic extinguishing systems for rail vehicles

Compartmentalized closed areas such as control and switch cabinets and electrical installations in the under-floor area and locomotives can be protected by gas extinguishing systems which are tailor-made for the specific hazard. The natural extinguishing gas nitrogen is used. The introduction of nitrogen into the protected area lowers the oxygen concentration and thus extinguishes all types of fires - without leaving any residue.

In combination with fast and reliable fire detection, the use of gas extinguishing technology enables an incipient fire to be extinguished safely and without leaving any residue. Damage to the electrical systems by the extinguishing agent is avoided. The gas extinguishing systems are modular, designed and configured according to the size of the areas to be protected.


  • residue-free extinguishing
  • individual bottle size
  • different extinguishing nozzles can be used