Water mist fire fighting system

Water mist technology, refined to the optimum

Water mist is the preferred extinguishing system for passenger areas.
These fire-fighting systems use water as the extinguishing agent, with water being sprayed from nozzles in the form of very fine droplets. The main feature of this type of system is that a small amount of water can absorb a large amount of energy. As an additional side effect, the fine droplets bind the resulting smoke particles, which then do not spread into the adjacent areas.

WAGNER offers a unique technology for producing very fine droplets of water mist, even at low water pressure. Conventional high-pressure water mist systems operate at pressures exceeding 100 bar at the nozzle to atomise the water into fine droplets. The WAGNER fire-fighting system achieves the same effect at a maximum pressure of 8 to 10 bar, as the fine water mist is produced at low hydraulic pressure by means of an innovative two-phase flow technology. Very fine water droplets are generated by atomising the water at the nozzle itself, as well as by the prior addition of nitrogen. A unique feature of this technology is that the water supply storage tanks can be designed specifically for rail vehicles, so as to make the best possible use of available space. This means that there is no need to use conventional steel pressure vessels or high-pressure distribution pipes. In the case of rail vehicles which already have a suitable compressed air supply, the existing compressed air system can be used to create the water mist. The WAGNER water mist system can also be combined with the existing water tank supplying the toilets, thus saving space and reducing weight at the same time.