Early and reliable fires detection
Intelligent systems ensure a safe journey
Water mist to protect passengers
Fine, small drops with a big effect
Fast and efficient gas extinguishing
Automatic extinguishing systems for maximum safety

Fire fighting in rail traffic

Current national and international standards and guidelines as well as operator requirements mean that automatic extinguishing and fire-fighting systems are now installed much more frequently as a supplement to fire detection systems. Alongside early fire detection using air sampling smoke detectors and automatic smoke detectors, automatic fire fighting also plays a key role. Typical applications include:

  • Sleeping cars or couchettes
  • Passenger compartments and other passenger areas

When choosing an automatic fire-fighting system, it is important to consider where the system is to be deployed. A basic distinction is generally made between areas with or without passenger traffic. Thus in the passenger area, only water mist technology is employed to avoid any risk of personal injury caused by extinguishing gas, whereas both gas extinguishing systems and extinguishing aerosols may be installed in areas which are normally unoccupied.

The objective of extinguishing systems is to put out a fire quickly and reliably using gaseous extinguishing agents. A certain degree of air-tightness is essential in such cases. The technical objective of a water-based fire-fighting system using water mist technology is to contain a fire and restrict it from spreading by the time the train reaches the next stop, and to limit the formation of smoke so that any people present can escape safely.