Standalone fire protection solutions for rail vehicles

Autonomous fire detection and extinguishing for all rail-bound vehicles

Standalone fire protection systems are simple and cost-effective solutions that require neither fire alarm control panels nor complex cabling.

In tramways, light rail vehicles, elevated trains, high-speed trains, passenger coaches and people movers, WAGNER Rail installs autonomous - standalone - fire protection systems that are directly connected to the vehicle control system. These solutions are not only an efficient solution for new vehicles, but are also particularly interesting for retrofit projects of existing vehicles, for example, when fire protection systems have to be retrofitted due to changes in standards.

Because standalone fire protection solutions are easy to install while providing reliable protection against fires, many railroad operators are already using such a standalone solution. You can find standalone solutions in many railroads, such as:

  • HGV
  • Commuter
  • Locomotives
  • Streetcars and light rail vehicles
  • Metro
  • People Mover
  • Monorail

Innovative standalone system solutions for new vehicles and retrofit of existing vehicles


WAGNER Rail installs standalone fire protection solution at reference customer Stadtbahn Dortmund:

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Functionality of standalone system solutions in fire protection

In an autonomous fire protection system, all fire detectors are directly connected to the train control and management system (TCMS) via relay contacts for alarm and fault. A fire detection control panel, which is used in integrated fire protection solutions and communicates with the TCMS there, is not necessary. If the fire detection system has detected a fire in the early stages, it sends a corresponding signal to the control system of the train.

Extinguishing systems for extinguishing fires can also be controlled directly via the TCMS.


  • BMZ not necessary
    A fire alarm panel is not required. This saves money for purchase and maintenance.
  • Ethernet connection
    For standalone solutions, Ethernet connectivity is available for easy maintenance.
  • Fast wiring
    The effort required for wiring autonomous fire protection solutions is low.
  • Plug & Play
    Installation is very fast due to prefabricated assemblies.
  • SIL 1 and 2
    With standalone fire protection solutions, a safety integrity level according to SIL 1 and SIL 2 is possible.
  • Retrofit
    Standalone solutions are well suited for upgrading existing vehicles.